Our Swiss Touch table embodies the duality of contemporary Switzerland as a nation honoring its traditions and as a fertile ground for innovation. It wants to be a neutral ground for free discussions.


  • Measurements:  L x W x H:  94 x 43 x 29 inches

  • Weight:  114.64 lbs

  • Materials:  The table is made of Swiss ash tree. The two table drawers are handcrafted out of aged wood from the old Hörnlihütte at the foot of the Matterhorn.


Tradition is reflected in the design as well as the production methods:

  • Unique

  • Designed by the young Swiss product designers of ABUSIZZ

  • Traditional craft making, proudly made in Zermatt

  • Sustainable

  • 100% Swiss quality


The digital table can project images and live stream content, allowing the wooden surface to act as a touch screen, encouraging interaction from users both online and off, and pairing Swiss quality craftsmanship with innovative, interactive technology.

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