From the desert to a rooftop, via a gallery or a mountain, Swiss Touch has travelled, and discussed a multitude of topics with Swiss and American stakeholders. Learn more about our events below.

Swiss Touch@Harvard

Swiss Touch looks to the sky as an expansive space for new mobility

April 25, 2019

Increasing congestion and advances in autonomous technology are set to transform how we move around our cities. Many are now looking to the sky — the third dimension — as an expansive space for new kinds of mobility. Autonomous flying vehicles, such as cargo drones and flying taxis, have the capacity to disrupt how we move goods and passengers around urban space. Responding to these real-world changes, AERIAL FUTURES: The Third Dimension examines Urban Air Mobility (UAM), asking how scalable and on-demand UAM models could reduce road traffic, pollution, accidents and the strain on existing public transport networks. Within these opportunities are also challenges to overcome: noise, community acceptance, safety, cyber security and seamless integration with existing aircraft operations.


Boston and Switzerland have long understood the importance of connectivity and mobility. As world centers for tech research and design excellence, both locations are at the vanguard of urban mobility design. The presentations and panel will discuss Design Interfaces, the UAM Marketplace and Regulatory Frameworks.


Swiss Touch learns how to build a house in the Digital Age

March 12, 2019

Swiss Touch discovers the DFAB HOUSE and the pioneering collaboration of Gramazio Kohler Research & Digital Building Technologies of ETH Zürich. This exhibition is a visual journey through research on the digital transformation on architecture and construction and the story of the first fully inhabitable building constructed by robots; a building that moves the boundaries of what robotics and 3D printing in architecture can do today. As a new paradigm, the computational in architecture provides answers to changing societal needs and ecological challenges, while reforming aesthetic principles and establishing a new sense of beauty in architecture.


Swiss Touch explores storytelling and slow journalism in Francophone Switzerland

March 07, 2019

Swiss Touch joins D.C. Francophonie to present the innovative Swiss print magazine "Immersions" for a journey through the French-speaking part of Switzerland. At the IA&A Hillyer, we explored how "Immersions" is tackling the challenges of digitalization by finding innovative ways to share stories about ourselves and our communities.


Swiss Touch presents the Swiss Economic Footprint in New York City, Minnesota, and Auburn, New York

November 01, 2018

Three Swiss companies active in the U.S. present their innovative and positive impact on the U.S. economy. Through the lens of the #SwissEconomicFootprint, we explore how Swiss companies create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the United States.

SwissTouch@CenterForArchitecture&The New School

Archtober, NYC

October 23, 2018

The SwissTouch in architecture. We organized two events in connection with Archtober to talk about Responsive Cities. Collaborating with AIA Technology Committee, Singapore-ETH Centre, ETH Future Cities Laboratory, Cooling Singapore, ETH Zurich, and The Urban Systems Lab at The New School, one event was focused on Citizen Engagement while the other was centered around Urban Heat Challenges


Architecture & Design Film Festival, NYC

October 20, 2018

Swiss Touch was at the Architecture & Design Film Festival in New York City to support the screening of two Swiss affiliated feature films, namely 'Parallel Sprawl', and 'Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light'. 


Designathon on Tour: Urban Swarm Behavior, San Francisco

October 20, 2018

Swiss Touch was at The Designathon on Tour, a hackathon in the field of design that brings together curious and motivated people from the creative economy. The co-creation process was centered on topics surrounding urbanization, technology and specifically transportation in urban areas. Prizes were awarded in different categories for the best pitches.


Building Sustainable Cities, Atlanta

October 24, 2018

Swiss Touch joined the Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Office of the Consulate General of Switzerland, and the United Nations for an interactive program discussing sustainability in urban spaces. A discussion was held on how everyone can work together to create more sustainable cities. The panel will go over the topics of Renewable Energies, Mobility, City Planning, and Neighborhood Development/Gentrification


HUBweek, Boston

October 08, 2018

Swiss Touch brought the Drone Frontier to HUBweek to facilitate the knowledge exchange surrounding the areal future. Swiss Touch brought together more than 40 exhibitors from Switzerland, the United States and beyond — from petite drones the size of a dragonfly to a gigantic wind machine powered by hundreds of small fans called “wind pixels.”


swissnex Salon, San Francisco

October 05, 2018

Swiss Touch and the Responsibility Towards Creation:  The swissnex Salon presented a new model of open dialogue on societal responsibility between technologists, academics, artists, designers, and other public interest-minded thinkers and doers.

Swiss Touch@BotanicGarden

In conversation with Dwight Grimm

September 20, 2018

Last night Swiss Touch was in the outstanding venue of the U.S. Botanic Garden. We learned all about Switzerland's contribution to botanical spirits, utilizing its horticulture to produce traditional remedies, which have become modern cocktail ingredients. 


In conversation with Daniel Humm

September 12, 2018

The Swiss Touch in culinary strikes again: Eleven Madison Park’s chef and co-owner Daniel Humm guides us through his Swiss roots, culinary influences, and career breakthroughs during our interview in Washington, D.C.


June 15, 2018

Swiss Touch sat down with curators Marcelyn Gow and Herwig Baumgartner to discuss their new exhibition, ‘Environment[al] at the SciArc Gallery. The exhibition explores the changing character of the environment in the face of technological innovation. It includes installations by a variety of prominent product designers and architects, including Swiss landscape architect Günther Vogt.

Los Angeles and Palm Springs

June 15, 2018

Swiss Touch on the road continued in California:  from drones to cinema, via design and engineering, we discovered the richness and variety of the Swiss Touch in the area. Our encounters with Swiss stakeholders, the happenings we attended and the places we visited were covered live on social media.

Los Angeles and Palm Springs

June 11, 2018

It's Swiss Touch.... but on the road! In June, we went on the road in the American Desert. Our first stop was Las Vegas. We went to Seven Magic Mountains, an artwork by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, to discuss Switzerland's and Las Vegas’s eco-friendly initiatives and to brainstorm together about how they can be translated from local to global initiatives. From solar energy to urban farming, via corporate sustainability, our speakers concluded that states, stakeholders, and conscious citizens are the necessary trifecta for a greener future.

Swiss Style Vocational Training, Plymouth MN

June 06, 2018

Swiss Touch ventured to Minnesota to visit the North American headquarters of Swiss firm Bühler Group. We had the opportunity to meet the young men and women of Bühler’s Apprenticeship Academy. The motivated apprentices shared their experiences of Bühler’s ‘earn as you learn’ program, which is modelled after the Swiss vocational system. René Steiner, President/CEO of Bühler North America, who began his expansive and fruitful career with Bühler as an apprentice over 50 years ago, discussed with us the strengths of Swiss-style vocational training and its application in North America.


Mental Work: Showroom Opening, San Francisco

May 17, 2018

Swiss Touch joined the cognitive revolution at the Mental Work opening on May 17! Employing a revolutionary technology developed at EPFL, the Mental Work showroom is the first factory in the world for machines operated entirely by the human mind. Mental Work was born through a collaboration between EPFL neuroscientist José Millán, San Francisco-based artist Jonathon Keats, and London-based curator Michael Mitchell, with graphic design elements by Joël Boucheteil. The opening of the showroom was accompanied by three days of interactive events, all focusing on the interaction between mind and machine, the promises this holds and what challenges await.

REMIX Nights: Swiss Beats, Washington D.C.

May 24, 2018

Swiss Touch teamed up with the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. to celebrate Ferdinand Hodler, one of the great Swiss painters. For a night, the iconic Kogod Courtyard came alive with Electroclettes cheese and electronic music performance. A print workshop, a dance performance inspired by Hodlers famous Femme en Extase painting (exhibited at the NPG this year) and specially designed cocktails added to the flair. Celebrating Hodler and a dynamic, colorful and vivid Switzerland gave the National Portrait Gallery a definite Swiss Touch.

The Sausage of the Future, Brooklyn

May 16, 2018

Swiss Touch goes culinary - and bold! Swiss designer Carolien Niebling, specialized in food-related projects, joined forces with dutch master butcher Herman Ter Weele and Gabriel Serero, a Lausanne-based chef working in molecular gastronomy to explore the true potential of the sausage. Together, the three culinary heavyweights explored how sausages could reduce human meat dependence and increase variety in our diets by incorporating new ingredients and developing new ways of production. From May 16 until May 22, they attended  WantedDesign Industry City in Brooklyn to share their insights and discuss the future of food.

SwissTouch@Solar Impulse

Film Screening "Point of No Return", Washington D.C.

March 23, 2018

The Swiss Touch in sustainability. On March 23rd the Swiss Touch table welcomed Andre Borschberg, one of the two pilots of the Solar Impulse, as well as the two movie directors of the documentary Point of No Return, Quinn Kanaly and Noel Dockstader. Kanaly and Dockstader shared the process and 'behind the scenes' of the filming of the Solar Impulse, as well as the key messages they bring to the audience in regards to collaboration and perseverance to a cleaner environment. A screening at the National Geographic followed the same evening.

SwissTouch@Environmental Film Festival

Film screening "Dans le lit du Rhône", Washington D.C.

March 21, 2018

Swiss Touch with a green thumb: the D.C. Environmental Film Festival screened the documentary 'Dans le lit du Rhône' by Swiss director, Mélanie Pitteloud. The documentary focuses on the river Rhône which has been changed and altered by humans over the last 150 years. Through this engaging and poetic journey, Pitteloud prompts universal questioning of the human relationship with nature. The floor was opened for a Q&A between the interactive audience and our guest of the night, director Pitteloud, who joined us all the way from Switzerland.


Swiss Showcase during South By South West (SXSW), Austin, TX

March 19, 2018

Swiss Touch goes to SXSW. Alongside numerous Swiss institutional partners, Swissnex SF and Swissnex Boston initiated a series of events to mark the presence of Switzerland. 

SwissTouch@ICRC and Rockefeller Foundation

Innovation and Humanitarian Aid, NYC

March 08, 2018

Yves Daccord, Director General, International Committee of the Red Cross and Lorenzo Bernasconi, Senior Associate Director, Rockefeller Foundation, explored the crossroads between philanthropy and humanitarian action and how financial innovation in the digital age presents new possibilities in humanitarian work. The Swiss Touch table opened its floor to online questions in regards to the future of humanitarian innovation. Thank you to the great audience, both online and offline, for participating and sharing a variety of interesting questions!


Curators in Conversation, Washington D.C.

December 09, 2017

Swiss Touch in art:Swiss curator Philipp Kaiser and US curator Katy Siegel discussed their projects and the art of curating on major international platforms such as the and Art Basel Miami. The event was part of the event series “Curators in Conversation” at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and organized in collaboration with the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and Pro Helvetia.


MIT Lab Rapid Liquid Printing, Miami Beach

December 06, 2017

Swiss Touch goes 3D! Rapid Liquid Printing – a futuristic 3D printing method, which can rapidly produce objects of almost any size or shape using a robot and a tank of gel, was co-presented at Design Miami by the Patrick Parrish Gallery and swissnex Boston from December 6-10, 2017. The groundbreaking technology was developed by the MIT Self-Assembly Lab + Swiss Designer Christophe Guberan and used to live print tote bags at Design Miami.

Empowering Young Voices in Foreign Policy, NYC

November 30, 2017

Swiss Touch presented an evening of stimulating conversation among leaders from YPFP NYforausYoung UN and WEF Global Shapers NYC . An interactive panel discussion among NextGen leaders, congregating to discuss innovative and fresh solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, was followed by a DJ battle at the Swiss Touch Table featuring Swiss DJ Quesadillas Jr and American DJ Lara Gerin. 


Media Architecture and the Transformation of the City, NYC

October 30, 2017

Swiss Touch partnered with ARCHTOBERAIANY Technology Committee, and Featurezoo for a panel discussion entitled ‘Media Architecture and the Transformation of the City’. The panel, held at the AIA Center for Architecture, explored the various facets of media architecture, from theoretical and conceptual urban planning and design challenges to visions of the future cityscape

The Swiss Touch table welcomed experts who are creating some of the most complex responsive projects across the globe: David Colangelo,  Jonie FuAmahl Hazelton, the Swiss Valentin Spiess, and Diana Darling,

featuring the Swiss Touch in Science Podcast and the #Alpinebid, San Francisco

October 25, 2017

The Swiss Touch goes to the 10th World Conference of Science Journalists in San Francisco!

For two full days at the conference, a delegation of Swiss science journalists interviewed their international peers around the Swiss Touch table to discuss global trends in science communication. The discussions will be recorded at the Swiss Science Lounge and transformed into a public podcast series. Plus: we won the #Alpinebid pitch to bring #WCSJ2019 to Lausanne!


Digital Utopia and Immersive Reality, Boston

October 13, 2017

Swiss Touch continued its journey throughout the US under the swissnex Dome at HUBweek in Boston. Over the course of four days, the swissnex Dome hosted Swiss, American and Canadian programming, such as full-dome projections, digital performances and cosmic yoga sessions. David G. Rabkin, Artist Invader and Former Director of the Charles Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science in Boston hosted a panel, consisting of artists and experts in the industry, who gathered around the Swiss Touch table to discuss some of the cutting edge uses of the dome-as-viewing platform, immersive realities and the exploration of the notion of digital utopia.


September 28, 2017

The Swiss Touch in diplomacy. Can you put a Red Cross emblem on a Wi-Fi tower in a refugee camp? How can the life and dignity of crisis-affected populations be protected from cyber-attacks and unintended harm in cyberspace? How should humanitarian agencies and their technology partners work together to safely and responsibly meet information and communication needs in crisis? Together with US, Swiss, and international partners, the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco and swissnex San Francisco convened a two-day conference to collectively examine our international humanitarian and human rights laws, standards, and norms in light of new cyber-realities. 


Swiss-US Energy Days, NYC

August 23, 2017

How will innovation alter the energy landscape and open the door for more efficient solutions? Steve Cohen, Executive Director of The Earth Institute, Benoît Revaz, Director of the Swiss Office of EnergyDeron Lovaas, Senior Policy Advisor of Urban Solutions at the Natural Resources Defense Council, Anne Korin and Co-Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security sat around the Swiss Touch table to discuss the future of energy. The discussion took place at One Penn Plaza in New York City and was moderated by Nicola Forster, President of foraus.

Read more about Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050.


Sustainable Water Management, Upstate New York

August 10, 2017

The Swiss Touch in sustainability. Consul General of Switzerland in New York, Ambassador André Schaller welcomed Paul Rush, Deputy Commissioner of New York City’s Bureau of Water Supply and Kristopher McNeill, Professor of Environmental Chemistry at ETH Zurich at the Swiss Touch table to discuss sustainable water management both in New York and Switzerland. Our panelists discussed this crucial subject moderated by Olivier Haugen from the swissnex New York Outpost at the Ashokan Reservoir in Upstate New York.


Tingueley Conservation Talk, Charlotte N.C.

June 26, 2017

Swiss Touch gets artsy again. In partnership with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Atlanta, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte hosted a lecture by Reinhard Bek, previously Chief Conservator of the Museum Tinguely in Basel. Bek explored Jean Tinguely's kinetic work and expanded on the artist's impact in the U.S. This lecture was offered as part of the Celebrating Jean Tinguely and Santana exhibition.


Keeping Up with Digital Information, Washington D.C.

June 16, 2017

 The Swiss Touch in cybersecurityOn June 16, the National Archives hosted an extraordinary Swiss Touch event, "Keeping Up with Digital Information". As we face the challenge of storing, preserving and securing mountains of record - both digital and physical - we need to find innovative solutions to ensure that our historical records are preserved for future generations. This was the topic which was discussed by panelists seated at the table in the Rotunda, only a few feet away from emblematic records of the United States history. Specialists discussed today's legal and technical implications, as well as the challenges arising within the digital information realm. To conclude the event, guests were invited to take part in several small workshops, allowing them to explore data keeping in everyday's life.  Read more about Switzerland's Digital Strategy.


Craftsmen and Designers - Stories of Encounters - Brooklyn

May 18, 2017

The Swiss Touch in design. How can the collaboration between industrial designers and artisans open new opportunities, as well as contribute to sustainable livelihoods? This panel discussion presented the experience of international residency program Hors Pistes whose young Swiss and French designers worked with local artisans based in Burkina Faso. The Swiss government’s expertise in promoting craftsmanship in Burkina Faso through vocational training as well as Cooper Hewitt’s role in advancing the public understanding of international design allowed for a lively discussion.


More than Living: Building Smart Communities for the Future, Washington D.C.

May 17, 2017

The Swiss Touch in community building. Swiss and American experts from the Department of Architecture ETH Zürich, the DC Office of Planning, and the National Capital Planning Commission convened around the Swiss Touch Table inside the Hall of the National Building Museum to discuss the topics of community building and creative place making. How will smart communities be built in the future, where will building in D.C. evolve and finally what will the future of Memorials look like.


Ask Anything to the Ambassador, Washington D.C.

May 15, 2017

Swiss Touch goes guerrilla at the National Mall. Ambassador Martin Dahinden invited passersby to sit down at the table and ask questions about Switzerland. The setting and the delightful and chilly weather that Monday morning allowed for a burst of creativity and the questions covered a large variety of fields ranging from innovation to chocolate, as well as foreign policy and education.

Take a look at the pictures from The Mall!


Prevention of Violent Extremism, New York City

February 09, 2017

The Swiss Touch in philantrophy. We invited experts in Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) for a timely discussion around the table on the impact and future of PVE. Ambassador André Schaller, Consul General of Switzerland in New York, welcomed speakers to the Swiss digital table and the conversation was moderated by Karen Greenberg, Director of the Center on National Security Fordham Law School. Read more about Switzerland's latest efforts in PVE.

Climate Change, Zermatt

January 17, 2017

The very first Swiss Touch discussion took place on the morning of January, 17 in Zermatt. Swiss observers and experts sat at the table in a unique scenery to discuss climate change and its effect on glaciers. That was only the beginning of the Swiss Touch campaign, which then would travel to the United States and become the central piece around which many exceptional events took place.

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